Prime 9 baseball offers our local youth the opportunity to play baseball against other travel programs.  The Program includes a year round baseball season. It is the goal of this program to create an environment that will allow the players to realize their capabilities as baseball players; to develop confidence, self-esteem and poise as athletes; to understand that their achievements are a direct result of their efforts; to cultivate lifelong friends among their teammates, and to support each other in all situations; and to understand that sportsmanship, not showmanship, is the major ingredient in playing with class. The true purpose of our team is to provide a supportive and competitive environment so that the boys can improve as athletes on the field and young men of good character off field.

 Prime 9 Brevard Sports Academy believe that kids gain confidence and a love for the game of baseball through positive feedback from parents, coaches, and teammates. 

Individualized coaching

Prime 9 Brevard Sports Academy is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization. 

Prime 9 Brevard Academy Coaching staff are a dedicated group of men, who celebrate every little success that our athletes achieve. They encourage and promote school achievement and community service with their athletes. 

academy and Competitive Style program

MIssion and Vision

Prime 9  Brevard Sports Academy focuses on the fundamentals of baseball, enhances the players knowledge of the game and increases their overall confidence on the baseball field. 


Prime 9 brevard sports academy